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New Beer: Pato Vida

It is with great pride and pleasure that we introduce to you our newest creation: Pato Vida. This beer is a collaboration with our dear friends and fellow passionate creators at Pour Vida Tortillas & Taps in Anaheim, CA. Located in the heart of Downtown Anaheim and the Center Street Promenade, Pour Vida creates some of the finest and most creative tacos and dishes that you will ever experience. We are proud and honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Pour Vida and learn so much from their entire staff of artisans.

The Collaboration Backstory

We have often found that people that love great food and people that love great beer somehow are destined to cross paths and form fast bonds, and that is exactly what happened with Pour Vida and Dueling Ducks. Our brewer, Daniel, found himself sitting across the bar at Pour Vida, drinking a beer, having a very spirited conversation with head chef and owner, Jimmy. Connections were made, flavors were combined, passions were intertwined and this collaboration beer was the result.

Jimmy and his team are world class culinary creators, and some of the most inspiring minds when it comes to flavor combinations and pairings. The moment you look at any item on their menu, you will quickly realize that this team has an eye for flavor. Your taste buds will quickly confirm that notion upon first bite. It was using that flavor combination approach that lead us to this beer, a truly authentic representation of each of our respective crafts.

The Beer: Pato Vida

Mexican Lager with Passion Fruit & Lime

Pato Vida is a soft and finely crafted pale Mexican lager that is infused with passion fruit and lime. A perfect balance of light and soft drinkability is struck with the bright fruity and citrus notes from the passion fruit and lime. Light, bright, crisp yet very expressive were the targets we were trying to hit and I think we nailed it on each one.

This beer was designed to be paired with something - a dish, a friend, summer; really anything. This beer brought two businesses together and allowed them to blend their crafts and grow their horizon; we hope the same for those who enjoy this beer. Much like a meal is the centerpiece of a table, we hope this beer is a centerpiece for you and your friends and loved ones. Gather and grow and create memories and do it while enjoying a beer that has undoubted already done the same for us. Cheers to Pato Vida!

"Where can I get the beer?"

Great question!! This beer is a very limited release and a truly special creation so we are limiting the locations that you can get this beer to 2 - Pour Vida and Dueling Ducks Brewing's tasting room. Both places will have the beer on draft and we encourage you to grab a friend or two and pay a visit to either location. Quick access to the important details such as address, website, and contact info is below to hopefully make it easier for you to get to the beer.

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