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Food Vendors, 7/30/21 - 8/1/21

We are back with our Food & Beer Digest and this week we have new food and new beer to share! We hope you are hungry and thirsty this week because we have phenomenal offerings this weekend. Cheers!

Friday 7/30/21

Janer Family BBQ, 4pm - 9pm

Our friends at Janer Family BBQ are coming back to start off our weekend properly. These fine BBQ artisans are quickly becoming one of our favorite vendors due to their exceptional service and even greater quality. We are overjoyed to kick off the weekend with their amazing BBQ!

(picture below is of their special for this week: Brisket Quesadilla. Our mouths are watering!)

Saturday 7/31/21

Los Crudos BBQ & Seafood, 1pm - 8pm

I shouldn't have to tell you about Los Crudos BBQ & Seafood by now; chances are that you have already had the chance to experience their wonderful creations and are well aware of how awesome this food is. So rather than bore you with how much we love Los Crudos, I will instead take the opportunity to market the very special Beer Dinner that Los Crudos and Dueling Ducks Brewing are putting on. The menu is below and all information and remaining tickets are available on our website. If you are interested, grab tickets quickly, we are almost sold out.

Sunday 8/1/21

Cali Grubbin, 1pm - 7pm

We are pleased to welcome Cali Grubbin' to our brewery for the first time. We have enjoyed their food as guests at some of our favorite breweries and we have finally been able to track them down and lock them in to come share their delightful creations with our faithful customers. Great service and great food await you on Sunday thanks to Cali Grubbin'!

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