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Food & Beer Digest, 8/6/21 - 8/8/21

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

We are back with our Food & Beer Digest and this week we have new food and new beer to share! We hope you are hungry and thirsty this week because we have phenomenal offerings this weekend. Cheers!


The Food Corner

Friday 8/6/21

Cali Grubbin', 4pm-9pm

Cali Grubbin' is back on Friday to kick off our weekend. They were with us last weekend and we had a wonderful day together and we cannot wait to have them back! Their food pairs beautifully with our beers, specifically our IPAs and Pale Ale - come on by and try it out for yourself.

Saturday 8/7/21

B's Rolling BBQ, 2pm-8pm

Our friends B's Rolling BBQ will be back with us on Saturday and they are bringing a bunch of fun eats for us to enjoy. Whether it is their loaded mac-n-cheese or their sliders, you will not be disappointed in what you get from B's Rolling BBQ...and the service is even better than the food!!

Sunday 8/8/21

Taco Bar, 12pm - 6pm

We are excited to welcome the Taco Bar to our brewery for the first time. We have enjoyed their food as guests at some of our favorite breweries and we have finally been able to track them down and lock them in to come share their delightful creations with our faithful customers.


The Beer Corner

New Releases

Coconut Father Time Porter

Coconut Father Time Porter

We took our Father Time Porter and added some toasted coconut to it to create this truly delightful beer. Vibrant both on the nose and on the tongue, this beer balances the riche and nuanced notes of toasted coconut with the deep and decadent chocolate and toffee notes of the Father Time Porter.

Lost on Purpose IPA

Lost On Purpose IPA

If you have ever gotten yourself lost on purpose then this is the beer for you! This approachable and drinkable IPA strikes a nice balance of hop presence and malt sweetness which allows this beer to be the perfect companion to the arena or activity with which you partner it, not the star. You and your journey are the stars, this beer is just there to add to the experience.

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