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Food & Beer Digest, 2/4/22 - 2/6/22

Welcome to the Dueling Ducks Brewing's Food & Beer Digest! We hope you are hungry and thirsty this week because we have phenomenal offerings this weekend. BBQ Fans rejoice, this weekend is built for you. Cheers!


The Food Corner

Friday 2/4/22

King Loverde BBQ 5pm - 9pm

Grilled Picanha Gumbo

King Loverde BBQ is back with us this Friday and we are excited about the new BBQ dishes that they will be bringing with them. Come see what goodies we have in store this weekend...and come hungry!

Saturday 2/5/22

Vacaloca, 2pm - 7pm

Choose your meat quesadilla

Vacaloca Food Truck is back at Dueling Ducks Brewing!! If you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying their exquisite creations over the last few weeks you are definitely missing out. Come taste the greatness while you can, you will not be disappointed!

Sunday 2/6/22

The Taco Bar, 12pm - 6pm

Birria everywhere!

The Tacos Bar is back to close out the weekend with us in style. There is talk that their famous birria (featured left) will be with us this weekend. If so, you will not want to miss out. Cheers!


The Beer Corner

New Releases

Buddy Beer Blonde Ale

Our best Buddy is back on draft!! Buddy Beer has quickly become one of our favorite and most requested beer and it is now back on draft and very fresh. Hello old friend!

Rage Day IPA

Rage Day IPA is our newest west coast IPA and it was designed to be your catalyst and companion for your day of rage. Rage Days come in all forms and is personal to the individual raging, but one thing is certain - no rage day is complete without a proper companion. Welcome to Rage Day IPA!

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