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Food & Beer Digest, 10/1/21 - 10/3/21

It's time again for our Food & Beer Digest and this week we have new food and new beers to share this weekend! We hope you are hungry and thirsty this week because we have phenomenal offerings this weekend. Burger fans, get ready to indulge this weekend! Cheers!


The Food Corner

Friday 10/1/21

Cali Grubbin', 4pm - 8pm

Cali Grubbin' is back to kick off the weekend and we are told that they are bringing surprises. We never know what to expect when they say that but last time they made that statement we got the fajita burger that you see in the photo. We have no idea what they have in store this weekend, all we know is that we can't wait to kick off the weekend the right way with Cali Grubbin'!

Saturday 10/2/21

Twenty 02 BBQ, 2pm - 7pm

This is our first time hosting Twenty 02 BBQ but after getting to know them a bit we are elated to have them on the schedule for a few trips to the brewery. They specialize in Burgers and Pulled Pork Sandwiches which is basically the life blood of this brewery. Come by and don't miss out - they will sell out!

Sunday 10/3/21

Sang Guys, 1pm - 6pm

We are very excited to welcome Sang Guys for the first time to the brewery. These brothers came by and introduced themselves and told us a bit about their journey and their vision and we connected instantly! These guys are quality people and they produce a quality product and we cannot wait to share them with you this weekend!


The Beer Corner

New Releases

Wheat Wave Ale

Wheat Wave Ale

We all know that the hottest days of our year are still ahead of us in So Cal so we set off to create the perfect companion for the upcoming heat wave and we think we have done it with our Wheat Wave Ale!

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