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Dueling Ducks Trivia Night

We partnered with our friends at Brain Buster Trivia to bring the wonderful trivia game experience to Dueling Ducks Brewing and we have been overjoyed at the results. For the past month we have been gathering and Dueling together and the competition and camaraderie has been beyond enjoyable. We even hung up a leaderboard to track the success of our winning teams!

What started as a test and trial run with tamales has now become a fan favorite so we are making it a staple on Wednesdays going forward. Wednesdays is now "Trivia & Tamales Time!" We are pleased to bring the wonderful creations of Tamales Dona Soco to you all; these are seriously fantastic tamales. If you want to come just for the tamales and not play trivia, we don't blame you.

See you Wednesdays for the trivia Duel!

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