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August 2022 Beer Release Breakdown

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In this post we will take a deep dive into the beers and seltzers that we will be releasing this month. This allows us to provide a deeper dive into the finer details of each beer or seltzer and give you a greater understanding of some of your favorite offerings from Dueling Ducks Brewing.

Pato En La Playa Mexican Lager

Summer is built for the beach, and so is this beer. Light, soft and unendingly refreshing, this beer beer oozes “beach vibes.” Inspired by our favorite pale lagers that come from south of the border, we aimed to create a familiar and refreshing light lager for us all to enjoy as we gather this summer. Light, crisp, refreshing and flavorful - everything you need to be a happy Duck On A Beach.

Release Date: Friday August 11, 2022

Play Through Amber Lager

Have you ever been enjoying a beer with your friends on a golf course so much that you decided to let the group behind you “play through?” If you are nodding your head in agreement, this beer is for you. Built and brewed with our friends at Chapman Crafted Beer Co, we went to a course to construct the perfect golf beer. Deep amber in color, this beer is designed to give you everything you need on the course while also keeping your head and your game sharp. Whether you want to try and shoot the course record, or just grab some buddies and go enjoy the outing, this beer will be there to help make your next outing one to remember.

Release Date: Wednesday August 24, 2022

Rage Day IPA

We love this IPA, it is made with a lot of love and a lot of energy. This IPA was designed by some of our favorite regulars...while they were on a rage day of their own. Inspiration struck and this delightful IPA is the fantastic result.

A west coast IPA in every aspect, this IPA is an ode to hops and all of their glory. Nelson, Strata, and Bru-1 hops combine to provide deliver vibrant citrus and stone fruit notes.

Release Date: Friday August 19, 2022

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