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Owner, CEO

Dennis is a well-seasoned business veteran with Sr. Executive presence in the Data Processing and Healthcare industries.  Raised in a family deeply entrenched in the food and beverage industry, Dennis also brings over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and beer bar operations management to our start-up brewery.

A family man at his core (wife, 4 children, 3 grandchildren…and counting), one of Dennis’ fondest moments was when Daniel said that “he wanted to try brewing his own beer, and he asked if Dennis would help?”  Knowing full well that his father was a fan of “good beer”, Daniel knew that such a proposition could not be turned down.  Fast forward 6+ years later, Dennis and Daniel are proud to be opening Dueling Ducks Brewing Co. together, enabling a wide array of family, friends, and passionate beer lovers to have a warm and friendly location to enjoy good times, good beer with good friends (new and old).  

Welcome to Dueling Ducks Brewing Co … a positive gathering location for a beautiful craft beer experience!!!

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