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Owner, Head Brewer

Daniel, a craft beer purist in every sense, has been in love with beer since he could grasp its beautiful concept.  After being exposed to the wonder and diversity of craft beer while in college at the University of Oregon, Daniel quickly became enamored with the complexity of flavor and the seemingly endless creations one could make mixing and balancing the four main ingredients of beer.  Upon returning home to California, Daniel was quickly met with the growing craft beer scene of Southern California and wasted no time applying his passion and obsession to the budding beer scene.  Having found out that “you can make this stuff at home;” Daniel picked up his first kit and the rest was history.

Over the next 6 years Daniel went to work – working in every aspect of the brewery process for breweries up and down the state.  In 2017, able to defer the dream no longer, Daniel set upon the creation of the Dueling Ducks Brewing Company with his father.  A true steward of beer, Daniel looks forward to providing a welcoming and educational craft beer experience, all the while welcoming you to the family.  We are happy to have you!

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