Dueling Ducks Brewing Company is an independent, family-owned and operated microbrewery in Anaheim, CA.  We are shepherded by our founders, father and son duo Dennis and Daniel, who have been making beer together for years.  After having delayed the vision long enough, in early 2017 Daniel and Dennis merged their strengths and passions to create the Dueling Ducks Brewing Co.  We are eager to welcome you to the family!



Located in the heart of the hot and growing Brew City craft beer scene, Dueling Ducks will create, sell and distribute finely crafted ales and lagers to our market using only the finest ingredients and care.  We will sell our beers to our local patrons via our brewery’s 750 sf tasting room, as well as package beers in kegs and cans for offsite sales, distribution and consumption. We are conveniently located in the heart of the famed La Palma Beer Trail, and on the brewery-centric intersection of La Palma Ave and Kraemer Ave in Anaheim, CA.  We plan to use our location to further enrich an already “proper” brewery destination and provide another entertainment hub for the patrons of our city.

We aim to provide a world-class beer drinking experience through our welcoming and comfortable tasting room.  Our tasting room will be the best place to go to find your favorite pint, your favorite game, and your favorite people.  With an open floor plan and high-ceilings, we aim to provide the most comfortable yet immersive craft beer experience you can find.  Our tasting room will be open 7 days a week and will feature a rotation of food trucks throughout the week.



Our team is truly where the passion behind Dueling Ducks Brewing Co. begins. Although we come from different backgrounds, our dedication to brewing brings us together to produce great beers and a wonderful experience.



Owner, Head Brewer

Daniel, a craft beer purist in every sense, has been in love with beer since he could grasp its beautiful concept.  After being exposed to the wonder and diversity of craft beer while in college at the University of Oregon, he quickly became enamored with the complexity of flavor and the seemingly endless creations one could make mixing and balancing the four main ingredients of beer.

Over the next 6 years Daniel went to work – working in every aspect of the brewery process for breweries up and down the state.  In 2017, able to defer the dream no longer, Daniel set upon the creation of the Dueling Ducks Brewing Company with his father.  A true steward of beer, Daniel looks forward to providing a welcoming and educational craft beer experience.


Owner, CEO

Dennis is a well-seasoned business veteran with Sr. Executive presence in the Data Processing and Healthcare industries.  Raised in a family deeply entrenched in the food and beverage industry, Dennis also brings over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and beer bar operations management to our start-up brewery.

A family man at his core (wife, 4 children, 3 grandchildren…and counting), one of Dennis’ fondest moments was when Daniel said that “he wanted to try brewing his own beer, and he asked if Dennis would help?”  Fast forward 6+ years later, Dennis and Daniel are proud to be opening Dueling Ducks Brewing Co. together, enabling a wide array of family, friends, and passionate beer lovers to have a warm and friendly location to enjoy good times, good beer with good friends (new and old).  


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